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ceramic insulation paint

ENVIROCOATINGS CERAMIC INSULCOAT has unique components used in the production of its products. These products are formulated with "CERYLIUM", a proprietary formula of precision blended, high performance ingredients and high quality raw materials. A technologically advanced process combines these never-before-utilized components. The ECI Ceramic InsulCoat R:E System is in liquid form and is applied with brush, roller, or spray equipment. The ECI Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Systems superior proprietary formula will not only protect and beautify your building, but also enhance the insulation factor. It will provide long-lasting durability and give weatherproof protection.


LONG-LASTING FINISH - Lasts up to 20 years or more.

THERMAL BARRIER - Warm in winter and cool in summer.

ENERGY EFFICIENT - R:E equivalency factor reduces heating costs in winter and air-conditioning costs in summer.

WATERPROOF - Creates a water-resistant seal, which prevents damage and deterioration of the substrate. Prevents rot and the formation of mildew.

BREATHABLE - Permits water vapour to escape from the interior.

ADHERES TO MOST SURFACES - Adheres very well to most woods, concrete and metals.

DURABLE - Extra-hard colour surface. Scuff resistant. Lasts longer and takes a lot of wear and tear.

FIRE RESISTANT - Does not burn in the pail. Self-extinguishing; does not support flame spread.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - 100% acrylic water-based product that meets today's strict environmental guidelines; nontoxic.

FLEXIBLE - Withstands normal building expansion and contraction. Resists chipping, flaking or peeling.

EASY MAINTENANCE - Wash it with your garden hose.

RESISTS FUNGUS - Saves money on cosmetic repairs.

RESISTS CORROSION - Protection against corrosive acid rain.

COLOURFAST - Available in any colour. UV-resistant, Resists fading. White or pastels recommended.

Plus many more benefits. Contact your dealer for a complete list of product features and benefits.

(general description of product benefits - specific products have specific benefits)

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