May 10, 2007  


Prima Developments Ltd. is pleased to announce that the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico has added Envirocoatings to its approved products list and has asked Dunn-Edwards Paint Distribution Co. to include Envirocoatings to their annual contract with the city.

Albuquerque has adopted a very aggressive city wide "GREEN" program and Envirocoatings Ceramic Insulcoat product fits perfectly into the program. This is a major event and confirms the continued acceptance of our high performance product line.

City of Albuquerque official website.

The first of many projects is now underway with a city fire station being coated with Ceramic Insulcoat.

ECO Green Distributors will expand this program to many other cities throughout the Sunbelt states contributing to the elimination of carbon emissions.

About Prima (PID)

Prima's subsidiary, ENVIROCOAT TECHNOLOGIES, manufactures and distributes the proprietary specialty Envirosmart coatings, known as Ceramic Insulcoat, throughout Canada and internationally, including the USA. Years of successful R&D has produced a unique product which provides over 30 features and benefits including super adhesion, water and moisture management, heat penetration resistance, saving wasted energy. Prima's model is designed to expand its share of this $85 billion global market through acquisition and association with strategically positioned distribution outlets located in over 70 countries. Prima and its new partners are positioned for global distribution to the global multi-billion dollar market.

 On behalf of the Board,

Roland Langset,

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