Envirocoatings Management Team  

Management Team


Roland Langset

Director, President & CEO

Mr. Langset has been involved in business development for over 35 years with experience at all levels of operations including retail, manufacturing, transportation, construction, communication, environmental and corporate liquidation programs. His skill sets are focused on general management of private and public companies including administration, management, strategic planning, innovation, implementation, finance, corporate administration, reporting, promotional communication, and investor relations systems.

Aaron Langset

Director, Vice President & Production Manager

Mr. Langset has a background in  production and manufacturing systems. As production manager, Aaron has over 12 years developing paint and coatings formulation, raw material logistics, product finance, and plant management. Skills include an extensive background in local and regional supervision of large retail chains, development and environmental recycling, and production management in the health care manufacturing industry.

Ken Sahli

Director, Senior Vice President and COO

Mr. Sahli possesses over 30 years operational sales and marketing experience with both large nationals and rapid expansion of private corporations. His areas of expertise include all levels of management, account management, sales and marketing roles, operational administration and development. He was also responsible for sales forecasting, budget and inventory management, direct sales, and strategic management planning.


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