IPI Consulting Service  
IPI Consulting Service
(Independent Painting Industry Consulting Service)
#41-9045 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley, B.C. V1M 2E1
Tel. 604-724-8305- Fax 604-888-3472- Email ipiconsulting@shaw.ca
Friday, October 14, 2005
I was introduced to Envirocoatings 5 years ago at a meeting with representatives from ICI Paints. After researching their products and viewing previous projects where Envirocoatings products were applied, I decided to include their products in my specifications. Since that day I only specify Envirocoatings "Ceramic Insulcoat" on concrete, concrete block, stucco and brick unless a clear finish is required then I specify Envirocoatings "Seal Bond" an excellent waterproofing product. I have had nothing but success with their products and personally think they are the best products on the market when high performance and longevity are required. I am currently specifying another Envirocoatings product: "InsulSeal" as a barrier coating on unpainted concrete and concrete block. I specify their products on schools, residential and commercial towers, warehouses and homes. As customers expect high quality and longevity from their coatings systems I will continue to specify Envirocoatings products in the future.

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