Ceramic InsulSeal 

  Product Description

Ceramic InsulSeal is a polymer-modified acrylic penetrating soaker-sealer and bonding agent that can be brushed-on, rolled-on, or sprayed-on.  Used undiluted directly from the container, it penetrates deep into porous substrates.   As it fills and hardens it provides a network of micro-anchoring points in the substrate.   It is not a finishing product and must be coated.   InsulSeal promotes exceptional adhesion when used in conjunction with the Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Exterior Wall and Roof Coatings Systems.


Intended Uses

Ceramic InsulSeal is used as a priming, penetrating sealant intended for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential exterior applications.   It my be applied over cast or poured concrete, tilt-ups, cinder block, and brick.   It is an integral part of the Envirocoat Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Exterior Wall and Roof Coatings Systems.



Product Data  



Weight per US G (3.78L) 10 Lbs. (4.52Kg)
Non-Volatile Solids By Volume: 25%
V.O.C 10 grams per Liter

Material is non-toxic & requires no

special ventilation during application.

Contains no materials considered to

be health hazards.

Flammability In container: Non-Flammable
Package Stability Greater than 180 days at 72° F (22 ° C)
Fungus Resistance

No fungus growth when material tested in

an environment of three organisms.


Application Characteristics



White, opaque in liquid form - dries to a clear finish
Approximate Coverage  350 to 450 sq.ft/gallon
Dry Base film Thickness One coat 1 to 1.3 dry mils -0.025mm to 0.033mm dry film
Subtrate Preparation Dry, clean, free of loose particles
Application Temperature Range 39 ° F (4 °C) subtrate to 80 °F (29 °C) ambient air in direct sunlight 
Application Method 1.5" nap roller - brush - airless sprayer (0.09" ~ 0.11")
Initial Cure (tack-free) Air dry; 15 to 30 minutes with moderate to low ambient humidity.
Primary Cure Air dry; 48 hours at 50 °F (15.5 °C) or greater surface temperature with moderate to low ambient humidity.
Solvent (before curing) Water
Cohesion Strength Outstanding bond to dry or slightly damp surfaces. Strong cohesion to any clean, dry, concrete, masonry, brick, and wood surfaces. Hydrostatic pressure will disrupt this bond.


Download Envirocoatings InsulSeal printable PDF versions.


Technical Data

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