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Welcome to Envirocoatings, a subsidiary of ECL EnviroClean Ventures Ltd. (formerly Prima Developments Ltd.). We are the future of ENVIROsmart Coatings and RoofSystems. ETI manufactures and distributes the proprietary Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Exterior Wall and Roof Coatings Systems throughout Canada, the USA, & overseas. This family of products is formulated with a proprietary formula of precision blended, high performance, high quality ingredients to provide thermal barrier, long life, lower cost, and over 30 more features and benefits.

Long Lasting / Weatherproof / High Breathability / Ceramic Thermal Barrier / Energy Saving / Environmentally Friendly / Highly Flexible with Full Memory / Goes Further - Costs Less / Easy to Apply and Clean Up and much more.

Join us in this website to find out about all our features and benefits and our commitment to providing you with quality products and service that are the future of ENVIROsmart performance coating systems.

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EnviroClean Ventures (formerly Prima) Focuses on the Cleantech Sector

ECL EnviroClean Ventures Ltd., formerly Prima Developments Ltd., is pleased to announce that in conjunction with its name change from Prima Developments Ltd to ECL EnviroClean Ventures Ltd. (ECL), it is focusing it's attention on the Cleantech sector..

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