Envirocoat Technologies Inc. History  


Envirocoat Technologies Inc. has its roots in a small high-tech paint and coatings company created in 1960.  At that time, a German chemist who recently immigrated to Canada, recognized the need for an entirely new line of coatings designed to protect homes, buildings, and architecture from the very harsh Canadian weather. This superior line of coatings was the beginning of what would become one of the first ENVIROsmart ceramic-based thermal barrier coatings.

At that time, the chemist began to engineer a specialty line of products to provide solutions for the high failure rate of traditional non-environmentally sound exterior paints and coatings. Through ongoing research and development, we have been adjusting the various formulas over a forty-year span.  Eventually, the chemist arrived at the creation of a family of products, some of which now comprise up to 23 chemical compounds that address the negative performance and failures of other paint and coatings. Thus was born our superior line of products.

For years, the products astounded the architectural community.  The products became legend and were 'written into' the specifications of countless buildings in western Canada, soon expanding to other areas including the northern region. To this day, buildings that were coated well over twenty years ago still do not require a re-coat. These characteristics are the reason why so many high-rise office towers, apartment buildings, and hotels have retained their classic appearance and their owners have reaped enormous financial benefits by minimizing the care and upkeep of their premises.

Envirocoat Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of our Ceramic Insulcoat line of coatings products.

In 1993, a group of investors recogniz Envirocoatings Logoed the phenomenal potential of the  business opportunity before them.   Under a new and re-energized management team, Envirocoat Technologies Inc. came into being. Through extensive research and development, capitalizing on Old World craftsmanship and new technology extracted from the NASA Space Exploration Program, the critically acclaimed coatings were re-engineered to emerge as a hybrid possessing the best of both worlds. The same type of high-tech ceramic technology that shields the Space Shuttle from scorching and disintegrating from extreme heat in orbital re-entry, have now been selectively integrated into the ECI Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Coating Systems.

The resulting products represent the ultimate in aesthetics, functionality, durability, weatherproofing, ease of application, and significant energy-saving characteristics.


Envirocoatings is the future of exterior coatings!  We are the leader in the  ENVIROsmart category of coating products.  A company with a difference.


Envirocoat Technologies manufactures and distributes the Ceramic Insulcoat R:E coating products throughout Canada, the USA, and overseas.  Our products offer a unique thermal barrier protection to help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, are very long lasting, are less expensive, and extremely high quality. Over a 40-year period, we have developed high performance architectural paints and coatings systems engineered for interior and exterior use.  We further enhanced our line of paints and coatings with NASA-like technology using ceramic thermal additives. The result is high performance architectural paints and coatings with exceptional durability, long-life aesthetics, competitive pricing, and so much more. Envirocoatings is a truly unique product that is the future of exterior coatings.

Envirocoatings also provides an expert support team of professionals ready to answer your paints and coatings questions - whether you are a dealer or an end-user we are here to help you make wise, accurate decisions in the painting process.  Please see our product line for more information.

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