"Our existing stucco was 10 years old and in great disrepair both in cracks and discoloration. I want to express our appreciation and extreme satisfaction with our association with your company and its product." Rev. Darryl SC Peregrym, Surrey Pentecostal Assembly, Surrey BC

"This product gives amazing coverage and lasting quality, excellent value for the dollars spent. To date, our house does not require repainting. It was last done in 1992." J. Hilton - West Vancouver BC

"Family, neighbors and friends who have seen our house since we completed the first coat were more than impressed with the finish. Thanks for introducing us to InsulCoat." C. & R. Ulmer - White Rock BC

"We have always stored water in a 5,000 gallon square cement cistern for use in our house. For ten (10) years, the cistern leaked. We coated the whole cistern with Ceramic InsulCoat. After it dried, we filled the cistern with water and the outside has been dry ever since. We have been very happy with the water quality and waterproofing effect." M. Johnson - Turtleford SK

"During our field review of the applied coatings and our discussions with some of the building owners that have had the coatings on their buildings for several years, we saw no signs of any staining, uneven discolouration or premature deterioration of the applied coatings. In our experience, we have found the performance to be consistently good and would not hesitate to recommend or specify the products to our clients." Emerald Inspection & Consulting Services Ltd. Coquitlam - BC

"The outstanding characteristic of this coating is its ability to insulate. Our utility bill calculated over one year indicated an eight percent (8%) saving in energy consumption." D.A. Ewing - Delta BC

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