Envirocoatings in the Media  

The Paint Dealer - " GREEN" A Paint That Insulates

People like it - even a chicken gives it a "wings up" stamp of approval! Many farmers have used the producton their coop roofs to keep their chickens more comfy - and comfy chickens lay more eggs.  You can market this product with two very strong incentives, less work and less money. 'Not only does the coating protect a building for more than 10 years, lowering the need for expensive repaints, but it also helps energy costs for the end user.  It can be applied to almost any substrate: residential, commercial,agricultural, etc."

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PCI Magazine - Thermal Barrier Coating

 Atherton said the Heritage Foundation in Victoria has also given its nod of approval for the Envirocoatings products because they have helped preserve many historic brick buildings. These buildings typically suffer from surface and mortar erosion and fading color due to heavy annual rainfall. And they lack a thermal barrier. Atherton said the clear InsulCoat is ideal because it "brings out the colors in the bricks, and seals the bricks against any water."


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Manufacturing & Technology - Santa Fe Dream Home Finds Ultimate Coatings

"We work in coatings a lot and we weren't expecting the performance this product offers," Feyas says. "It dries unbelievably hard. We didn't realize, once we applied it, how it would increase the structural integrity, not to mention the temperature control of the surface."


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